Firstly, it's pronounced Shane but on seeing the weird spelling you'd be forgiven for getting it wrong. Or thinking he was Native American. Or a girl. Or both. Anyway, he's been called much worse and all that matters is you're here.

Having spent ten years as a bodyguard the main VIPs in Cheynne's life now are his wife and daughter with whom he lives in a leafy part of Hertfordshire. Originally from Walthamstow, East London, a long while before it was considered cool meant that the reality of life on a council estate found him roaming around inside his head. A lot. It was marginally safer than roaming the streets and he did a fair amount of that in his ‘yoof’. Soaking up sci-fi and fantasy comics as a kid pushed him into attempting some of his own creations and a love affair with drawing guns and swords eventually took him on a long path towards a BA Hons in Illustration. Having graduated, from there he did what every aspiring artist longs to do and became a licensed Frontline Close Protection Officer minding A-List celebrities. He’s been a nightclub bouncer, a surveillance operative for private investigation agencies and he’s co-owned a graphic design company, but a chance encounter with a flintlock pistol on a wall in one of York’s finest taverns gave him an itch for writing that wouldn’t go away. So now he’s roaming around his head again. And what a shady place it is.

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