A Harvest Of Souls

Notorious highwayman Samuel Shanklin is stretching his luck while the noose of Tyburn gallows threatens to stretch his neck. But one final robbery before he hangs up his pistols puts him on a slippery path with the woman of his dreams ... who may just prove to be the stuff of nightmares. With his gang turning against him and his family unraveling like the stitches on a stolen purse, Shanklin must fight to swing the odds in his favour before he winds up swinging from the wrong end of a rope.

Meanwhile, young Jack Hunter watches helplessly as his sister gradually goes insane. Charlotte speaks of seeing auras, smelling colours and tasting sounds and her obsession with Tyburn's hanging days forces Jack to seek a cure. But their dying mother only encourages her daughter’s ‘talents’ further. Does Charlotte possess a once coveted ancient power or is it simply the fractured mind of a fragile adolescent? As his sister creeps closer to madness, Jack must find the courage to save her before she’s lost to the darkness forever. 

Buy your copy of this twisted, gothic tale of blood and betrayal to discover what secrets entwine these tangled, lost souls like the threads of a hangman's halter.


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The Dawn Of Long Shadows

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London, November 1752, and the cold nights are sharper than a cutthroat’s knife.

Battle-scarred from the terrible sights he's seen, former infantryman Jonathan Birch must escort a respectable judge along the dangerous road to York. But the ghosts of our past seldom long stay silent, and weary from the horrors he’s witnessed, Birch’s war is now waged with his mind.

Grace Blackrose dwells in the stinking mud that the tide of the Thames leaves behind, scavenging whatever she can find to sell. But having been on her knees for so long, with nothing but thoughts of revenge to warm her bones, she'll gladly swap wallowing in misery for a chance to even the score with the man who put her there.

Bow Street Runner, Sebastian Thrift has seen all that London’s crime-infested streets can offer, yet the brutal murder of a young child is enough to push any lawman over the edge. This time though there’s devilry afoot, and evidence of a sacrificial motive for the killing seems clear. On the trail of the one he suspects is responsible, Thrift must race to stop the culprit before he strikes again. Or worse: alters the very course of the world itself.


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